Nature’s immune-supporting wisdom

When it comes to bringing you Earth’s perfect ingredients for immune function, New Chapter® believes the power of whole-food nourishment—from berry, mushroom, and herb. We’re also committed to seeking out organic, Non-GMO sources whenever possible. We go to great lengths to find those certain foods & herbs that, when sufficiently concentrated and intelligently blended, can promote healthy immune function.*

Mushrooms for Immune Support

Mushrooms have long been recognized for their key role in supporting the immune system*, especially Reishi—abundant in New Chapter’s LifeShield™ Immune Support. Like all of the organic mushrooms in our LifeShield mushroom formulas, Reishi is grown to its full life-cycle form to deliver the mushroom’s whole protective shield, DNA tested and identity assured.

Pure Elderberry Supplement

New Chapter’s Immune Take Care™ is a powerful blend of pure ingredients, delivering Elderberry and Black Currant for comprehensive support for healthy immune function.*

New Chapter wishes you a healthy, happy holiday season—and a fantastic new year ahead!

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