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Moms, What Inspires You?

You spend so much time taking care of others, you even do it unconsciously.

Think about your average day for a moment…your mind, heart, spirit and physical energy are mostly spent away from yourself! When you aren’t doing for others, you are thinking about them. When someone you love is hurting, you take in their pain or struggles or sadness, as your own. Part of being a woman and a mom, encompasses this phenomenon as part of our fabric.

We tend to. We make better. We nurture.

However, where is the counterweight to this pouring into others? You will find it’s difficult, dare I say almost impossible, to pour into someone from an empty cup. Your filling of your own cup, you pouring into you, is as important (or more sometimes) than pouring into others. A continual re-filling station must exist around you in order to give to so many who count on you!

So, what moves you? What inspires you? What empowers you?

Is it meditation? Prayer? Running? Reading? Dancing?

Identify those actions and/or experiences and BRING them into your life. Don’t wait for them to show up. Go after them! Keep them “at the ready” on a daily basis.

Create a fulFILLED soul in yourself, so you are overflowing for others!