Moms Come Together

I know that many of you are unaware of a story that has taken place this week in our world of FIT4MOM, But from the bottom of my heart, I wanted to take a moment to THANK our moms nationwide for coming together to support one of our franchisees. A story has gone viral about one of our Stroller Strides chapters who works out at the mall. A couple of store workers were annoyed by the moms and babies and were verbally abusive (in front of the kids). A FIT4MOM member complained on the store's website and let's just say that the story took off. A reporter followed up and did a news segment.

As the founder of FIT4MOM, I wanted to say THANK YOU for supporting our franchisee and her mamas. And, I would like to add to please focus on the positive. Focus on the moms getting healthy and working out together. Focus on the support that moms need. Focus on the tribe that is created at Stroller Strides. But please please do not go negative. Please do not use any negative hashtags against the store or its workers. I am sure that conduct is not supported by the store. Instead, let's support our #F4Mtribe and keep it positive!

Let's keep the conversation going in a positive way. Are you working out in a mall? A soccer arena? Share your unique Stroller Strides venues!

In Stride,