May is for Mothers: Let's Claim Some Mom-ME Time!

Mother's Day has come and gone, however, you deserve some pampering all year round, right?!? While I am a firm believer in moms taking care of themselves ongoing for the sake of others, sometimes this takes practice. Let's use the month of May to create some habits of self care that, hopefully, will continue all year long!

Our first week has passed but you are welcome to do some care retroactively (consider it extra credit).

WEEK ONE: Take a bath, 20 min walk alone, massage

WEEK TWO: Read part of a book, take a bath, write a note to a friend

WEEK THREE: Meditate or pray for 5 minutes, spend time with a friend, 20 minute walk alone

WEEK FOUR: Write in a journal, listen to a fun podcast, dance in your living room (personal fave)

It's a practice to recognize and then act on making yourself a priority in your life. You were here before your were here before the relationship that created your children...bring her/YOU back! Take time for your emotional health this, and every, month! EVERYONE around you will reap the benefits of a happy YOU!

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