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Immune Support from the Power of Pure Elderberry!

Dateline: The End of Winter

Herbal Profile: Elderberry

Aliases: Sambucus nigra, European Elder, Black Elder

History & Tradition: Elderberry has been used for centuries in European herbal systems and has been called the “medicine chest of the country people.

Area of Benefit: Immune Take Care™,

New Chapter’s Elderberry supplement made with pure and potent fruit, activates multiple immune pathways for comprehensive support.*

Source: New Chapter® goes to great lengths to source fine Elderberry from Austria.

Immune Take Care also delivers super-pure Black Currant from Poland and France.

Immune Take Care is Non-GMO Project Verified.

The New Chapter Difference: What makes this product so special? The fruits are extracted like no other, using a “true-to-fruit” process. This is a simple, purely mechanical filtration process that doesn’t use any solvents—not even water. The Elderberry or Black Currant is pushed through a very fine filter, and large molecules including sugars are filtered out. The smaller molecules, which are the fruit’s beneficial plant chemicals, pass through the filter. The result? Concentrated true-to-fruit extracts delivered without sugars. (Compare to Elderberry syrups and lozenges, which often have added sweeteners and flavors.)

The Whole Truth: New Chapter staff relies on Immune Take Care around this time of year! We also stock up on Activated C Food Complex and LifeShield™ Immune Support.

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