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If I could change one thing that moms do...

In my job, I help moms with fitness. With food. With time management. With work. But if I could only help moms with one thing that would be...

getting moms to take care of their own spirit.

If you were a cell phone, how charged would it say your battery is? Would it be flashing red, telling you that you need to plug in?

I am so sad and so tired seeing moms in a constant state of overwhelm. I'm over seeing moms spread thin. Exhausted. Using food or alcohol to fill a void.

It can all be fixed. Quite easily actually.

All you need to do is to take purposeful time to feel good throughout your day.









Fascial Release


Take a bath

Put aromatherapy in your room

Light a candle

Get in nature

Unplug from your devices

Play some relaxing music


Take a nap

Just do it. Make the time. It doesn't take much to recharge. Tune in to yourself, to your inner thoughts. Put your timer on your phone and do something to recharge even if just for a few minutes a few times a day. If you do this, something magical will happen. I mean it! You will find that you aren't turning towards food as a fix. You will find that you react with compassion instead of a cringe at the next tantrum. You will start to create an energy around you that brings peace and happiness.

If you make sure that your spiritual battery is charged, you will be ready to handle the chaos of the day. I promise that it works!