I Am Officially Rebooted

This past Saturday I participated in a GORUCK challenge. What is a GORUCK challenge? It is a military special operations team challenge day consisting of about 14 hours of physical challenges that you and your team take on together. Like so many challenges in life, I wasn’t seeking out this one – it came to me through a mom at school who is a fundraiser for the SOWW (Special Operations Wounded Warriors). She said this group was looking for more people for their team and thought of me.

One of the elements I love most about Body Back is getting uncomfortable. In becoming uncomfortable, I get to see strength in myself that I did not trust I had before. As an instructor, my goal is to get other moms to trust me to take them to the point where they push a little more and accomplish something they didn’t think they could. This personal accomplishment looks different for every person, but I want moms to realize their own accomplishments and victories so they can truly celebrate and be proud when they reach a goal. I want to teach this skill to my children too, but I am finding this more difficult. So I just try to share my total passion and true joy I get from being challenged and overcoming what was holding me back, big or small. I do not equate winning with accomplishment; rather I believe in people getting a little uncomfortable so each of us can find something new in ourself.

Personally, I felt like I was flat-lining (yes like a dead person) in being challenged physically. An injury forced me to cut out running and races for the spring and summer. This was the time of year that I run and race. I was a little bummed out and felt lame. It seemed as if all these people on FB are having these grand accomplishments and I was just sitting on the sidelines. I am not saying that something extreme like GORUCK is for everyone, but it was the right challenge for me.

I passionately want women to find what motivates them, brings them energy, passion and a feeling of truly being alive. We all need to figure out how to push through, go over, go under or what ever it takes, to find and live our passions. They don't have to be huge day-long physical challenges but something for you! As moms, we flat-line and don't even realize it is happening until it is too late. This event broke the flat-line feeling I was experiencing in my life. I am officially rebooted! We all recharge differently. Find what recharges you and go for it!

Jennifer Lungren is the owner of FIT4MOM Arlington-Alexandria

FIT4MOM Corporate Instructor of the Year 2014

FIT4MOM Master Trainer

Body Back, Stroller Strides, Stroller Barre, Running Coach, ACE CPT