Here’s to a Healthy, Happy 2016!

Do you ever get that feeling that the holiday season is a bit of a “perfect storm” of stress, food and fun? Your usual healthy routines may take a backseat to activities including:

· Travel

· Hosting & entertaining

· Staying up later and eating later

· Eating more than usual, and eating different types of food than usual

· Consuming more alcohol, more sugar, and more fat

Now that it’s a shiny new year, it’s time to get back on track—beginning with your immune system.

· Mushrooms: Cooked mushrooms are a good start, and a well-chosen mushroom supplement can support your immune system*

· Ginger and Turmeric: these herbs help promote a healthy inflammation response.*

· Berries: berries are delicious and nutritious to eat, and can provide compounds that support the body’s natural immune response.*

Ashley’s Health Highlight†:

I recommend New Chapter’s Immune Take Care because its unique formulation unites elderberry with black currant to activate multiple immune pathways for comprehensive support*. Additionally, black currant extract helps support healthy microbial balance.* New Chapter LifeShield mushrooms are an excellent way to consume tonic mushrooms for immune system support—check out LifeShield Immune Support, which is packed with nourishing Reishi and 6 other types of mushroom.*

Your happy and healthy new year can be delicious and simple, especially when you add a quality supplement like one of New Chapter’s whole-food approaches to nourishing your body.

About the Author:

Ashley Koff RD knows the key to resolving our national health crisis is to empower individuals to achieve better health from better nutrition. Koff created the Better Nutrition, Simplified Program, a toolkit of resources including a one page Nutrition Plan, hundreds of nutrition ‘Pit Stop’ ideas, Quick Guides and Patient Consults, to get Better Nutrition for Better Health.

An award-winning nutrition expert, Koff shares her message with millions, regularly, as a go-to expert for the country’s leading media outlets, has authored two books and speaks frequently on the topic of better quality choices for better health.

†excerpted from ; Ashley Koff RD is a paid spokesperson for New Chapter.

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