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Gratitude for Meditation

I am grateful to be able to share a pillar of my personal practice—meditation—with the New Chapter team. New Chapter was founded from a desire to enlighten people to the extraordinary healing benefits of cultured whole food supplementation in concert with synergistic herbal therapeutics. At our inception in 1982 these were radically new concepts to our industry and so in this way we were pioneers, change makers, and ultimately in the business of raising consciousness.

At the time, my husband Paul and I were committed practitioners and teachers of meditation. Clearly the meditative values of wholeness, healing, and enlivened consciousness transferred into our work and our mission.

Just as the whole herb holds within it a mysterious synergy of healing mechanisms waiting to be tapped and utilized, we each house the mystery of our humanness, awaiting our quiet and courageous exploration and our ultimate full expression in the world.

Today, over thirty years since our beginnings, it is both my delight and my deeply held responsibility to offer meditation sessions every week at New Chapter. Together, the attendees and I traverse our inner landscapes to discover our innate wholeness and capacity to heal. Meditation inspires objectivity, clarity, and compassion—all keenly useful values in a work environment and generators of effective performance and service. The heightened consciousness garnered in meditation can lead to real change and enrich our entire approach to life and work.

Curious about meditation?

If you would like to try meditation, check out this free app, perfect for busy moms and great for kids, too!

Stop, Breathe & Think: A friendly, simple tool to guide people of all ages and backgrounds through meditations for mindfulness and compassion.

Barbi recommends The Mindfulness App, which helps you to reduce stress and increase wellbeing. Try it out for yourself!

Read about the huge impact meditation has had for some of us at New Chapter!

Rebecca (Creative Services)

“Practicing meditation gives me the opportunity to practice pausing. To practice being present in this moment. This is not my natural state. So meditation practice—at home and at work--engenders pausing in conversations, in problem-solving situations; in reserving judgment and jumping to conclusions or to blaming. Practicing pausing opens up great vistas of possibilities, one moment, one pause at a time.”

Maxine (Regulatory)

“I have felt like there was a part of my education that was missing. After working with Barbi in meditation I feel that void is filled. I have a much better understanding of how to approach life’s day-to-day obstacles because I now have the tools to feel more engaged with the world.That is what I glean from the experience. I am forever grateful to Barbi and New Chapter for hosting meditation every week.”

Teginder (Quality)

“Ever since I started doing meditation I have gained more clarity and the ability to think deeply about anything in life leading to profound insights. Wednesday has become my favorite day of the week as we have the group meditation session at New Chapter. I always look forward to Wednesday as it provides me an opportunity to meditate during the workday. I feel more energy especially in the hours after meditation thus it keeps me very productive during the afternoon. The mid-day meditation is the best as it makes my evening more energetic, engaging and brighter allowing me to spend quality time with family.”

Thank you to all who shared, and to you, dear reader!

Gratitude for Meditation at Work

Contemplating the profound value of meditation in the workplace