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Friday Fitness with Farel: Throw Your Body OFF...It's Good for you!

Think for a moment about your movement patterns as you live your life…what is physically asked of you? Are you moving in single planes of motion? Is your body equally loaded on both sides? Are you in “textbook” form as you squat down to pick something (or someone, if you are mom or dad) up? My guess is that your answer is a resounding NO! It is VERY rare to move through our world with symmetry and in fixed movement patterns. That’s the FUN of it! Life is DYNAMIC! So, let’s train with that in mind.

In today’s Friday Fitness with Farel, I have you doing an exercise which incorporates a lot of these concepts. Grab your resistance band and join me:

  • Begin with a Side Lunge – Keep your weight in your heel and drop your hips low
  • As you lunge, extend your arms out in front of you; choke up on the band to create tension between your hands
  • Add in a single arm High Row – Focus on drawing the shoulder blade towards the spine
  • Now add in a single arm Rear Fly with the opposite arm – Relax your shoulders, neck and face
  • Finish the sequence with some pulses at the lowest point of the lunge and the deepest contraction in the upper body.

Take this exercise sequence with you and do it during your next walk or run to kick up the intensity of your workout with some strength! Throw your body good for you!

*For more exercise ideas check out FIT4MOM's blog and search for "FAREL"