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I had an entirely different blog post in mind this morning until I had a meeting with one our amazing FIT4MOM franchisees, Katherine Thuma. She shared this beautiful sentiment that I wanted to pass on to all of you.

September 11th has come to be a day of sadness in our country's history. We experienced such tremendous loss and this day each year since brings up all of it as if it were yesterday. Katherine's sentiment came in the form of seeing the beauty in the imperfect. This resonated so loudly with me and sparked this blog post. She said...

"We spend too much time and energy striving for perfection and not enough time finding the beauty in the imperfection. The imperfect kitchen sink with breakfast dishes still in it because you spent the last few minutes playing trains with your little guy, the imperfect muffins that didn't rise because you let your little one measure the ingredients out, the imperfect voice that sings the lullaby that closes your sleepy infants eyes at nap time. We do not live in a perfect world, life is not perfect, and we were not meant to be perfect either"!

On this day of remembrance and loss, please remember to see the beauty around you, stop criticizing yourself for all that you wish was different and being grateful for what IS good.

HUGS, Farel