Discover the power of nourishment from earth: Feast Your Eyes, Feed Your Mind with the “Ingredient Wheel”

Did you know that New Chapter’s founder, Paul Schulick, is a Certified Master Herbalist and studied at Dr. John Christopher’s School of Natural Healing? Herbal research and a deep respect for herbal tradition live at the very heart of New Chapter®. Herbs are our reason for being. Paul says that he and his wife, Barbi, started New Chapter in 1982 because “we wanted to make a unique contribution to the market, and share the incredible healing intelligence of herbs.”

As part of continuing this deeply held mission, we present New Chapter’s online tool, Explore Our Ingredients. It showcases the beauty and wisdom of the natural world… qualities that inspire the products we make to nourish your health.

And the ingredient wheel is also fun, packed with juicy bits of trivia. Like, what green vegetable gets its name from the Italian for “little arms”? Do you know the dried fruit that has varieties including Oval Kishmish, Spanish Malagas, Smyrna Sultana, California White Muscat, and Corinthian? Which berry was once believed to have special powers when picked on a full moon?

Dive into our delicious rainbow of ingredients to find the answers! We’ve curated some of the romantic traditions and stories about the plants, grains, and mushrooms that we carefully source for our products.

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