4 Perfect Moves to Get Your Body Strong and Aligned After Baby!

Pregnancy changes your body is SO many ways! THEN, motherhood continues to challenge it...so what's a mom to do?

Here are 4 "go to" moves to bring your body strength and into alignment:

  • Chest Stretch - Life, gravity, pregnancy and motherhood pulls your shoulders forward. Staying in this position shortens and tights the chest muscles (pectorals). Take the time, several times each day, to open your chest back up to rectify this shortening.
  • Squat - After baby comes home, you will be physically challenged caring for and feeding your baby. All the getting up and down with your growing child will require a strong lower body. Squats strengthen your quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes!
  • Plank - The plank is a great core strengthener which helps with creating a stable trunk. When your trunk is stable and solid, you are going to be more effective in your everyday tasks as a new mom. As you plank, imagine drawing your belly button upwards towards your spine and charging up through the lower body, as well.
  • Rear Fly - Remember how we discussed your shoulders being pulled forward in motherhood and life? This is a perfect exercise to strengthen the upper back and shoulders to KEEP your shoulders in alignment. This will give you strength, and it will help to lessen muscle fatigue and pain, as well!

Four simple moves to perform for strength and alignment as a soon-to-be or new mom!

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