3-Step Kombucha Tutorial

What is Kombucha you ask? Kombucha is a fermented tea. It has been consumed for thousands of years. It has amazing probiotic benefits and many health practitioners will claim many more benefits. We happen to love the taste!

Kombucha in the market can be quite pricey. And many are loaded with sugar! So, let's show you how easy it is to make your own Kombucha.

Step 1- Obtain or Grow you Mother

-If you don’t have any friends around that brew their own Kombucha, you’ll need to get your hands on one. You can buy them but, why would you do that when you can easily grow your own.

-Take a bottle of plain GT’s Kombucha and pour it into a glass container big enough for it to hold the contents of the bottle. Hey, if you are going to buy it, this is by far our favorite brand!

-Place a paper towel over the container and secure it with a rubber band.

-Put it on your counter away from direct sunlight and let it hang out for a week or so.

-After about 10 days, you’ll see a white, opaque substance growing on top - that’s your mother!

-Congratulations, you’ve just grown your very own Mother

Tea to sugar ratios for brewing Kombucha:

half a gallon = 4 tea bags +1/2 cup sugar+ 1 cup starter tea*

gallon = 8 tea bags + 1 cup sugar + 1.5 cups starter tea*

*starter tea is tea from a previous batch or in this case, tea from which our Mother grew from

Step 2: Brewing

-In a glass vessel, mix sugar and hot water until sugar is dissolved.

- Add tea bags and let steep for at least 10 min.

-Let the sweetened tea cool to room temperature.

-With clean hands remove Mother from it’s container and add it to the sweetened tea.

-Pour in 1-1.5 cups starter tea* into sweet tea.

-Stir with a wooden spoon to gently combine starter tea and sweet tea

-Cover with paper towel and secure with rubber band

-Set aside on counter away from direct sunlight and let it brew a minimum of 7 days.

-On day 7, check tea for sweetness. It should have started to develop a tangy flavor. If it’s too sweet at this point, check it again the following day.

Congratulations you’ve just made Kombucha. You can drink it at this point, but most people like the bubbles and adding extra flavor.

Step 3: Flavoring and Adding Carbonation

-Remove Mother and baby (a new SCOBY aka baby may have formed at this point as well) and set aside on a plate

-Cut up fruit and macerate gently to release juices. Alternately you can also puree fruit and add it. Pureed fruit will give you a very bubbly Kombucha

-Add fruit to a Grosch bottle preferably and add Kombucha, leaving about an inch of head space

-Cap tightly and let sit for 24 hours.

-After 24 hours, you can taste it and see if it has developed enough flavor and bubbles to your liking.

-If you used cut up fruit, you will want to remove it after 24 hours as it will become mushy.

-Strain and pour into individual bottles if you like and serve chilled