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FIT4MOM is hiring! We are looking for a part-time, high-energy Executive Assistant to our CEO in our San Marcos, CA, Home Office.


It’s early in the morning and you’re standing in your kitchen wondering, “What am I going to make for my kid’s lunch today?” You want it to be healthy … and quick! We all know the “go-to’s” that our kids enjoy and by all means, give those to them. But there are also some healthy options that you can put together in no time at all.

Let’s talk tools of the trade! I’m a HUGE bento box fan when it comes to packing my daughter’s lunch. It...

Get out and move for you...and baby!.jpg

While SO much of motherhood can be new and, quite frankly, daunting, one thing doesn't have to be; moving your body for your mental and physical health. Each day, claim some time for yourself (and for your baby) to get moving with your stroller. It doesn't have to be a lot...just invest some time into your self-care. Here are some ways from...


Core Strengthening DURING pregnancy? ABSolutely!

The functions of your core musculature as your pregnancy progresses are numerous. The most important of which is to help stave off postural dysfunction. One of the significant spinal changes that may result from an increased anterior load (aka BABY) is an anterior pelvic tilt...this leads to an exaggerated arch at the low back. This arch, if not dealt with, can lead to...

Exercise for mom...and baby!.jpg

Your baby could be born with a stronger heart!

We are so fortunate to be living in a time where research is available which supports that, not only is, exercise OK during is recommended! This is actually very new information. Just a generation ago, many women were treated as if their pregnant state was a state of disability. What we are enlightened now to know is that (a healthy)...


Welcome to Motherhood! Congratulations on becoming a are on such an incredible and powerful journey!

With this beautiful journey come feelings and worries, you may not have been ready for, as well. The most important thing to remember is that you are NOT alone...ever.

You are not alone in your healing - Every labor and delivery story is unique. Your story is...


This FIT4MOM and BOB segment will give you 3 exercises to do on your next stroller walk or run. You will gain strength and endurance in these highly effective movements!

1. Plie Stroller Chest Press & Row - lower body, chest and back

2. Incline Cardio Back Pedal - lower body and cardiovascular endurance

3. Side Stroller Push/Pull (on a slight...

music festivaloutfits foroctober.jpg



Mind Set.

Emotional Health.

Where do you desire progress? Where do you desire change or growth?

The KEY is Passion and Purpose...Knowing your WHY is paramount. Why do you desire progress in whatever area of your life? What does that mean to you? Identifying that...


Moms, do you see (REALLY see) your strength? Your power? The ABUNDANCE in your life? It's there...but where, you ask?

Your abundance is in your LEGS - Those strong pillars of muscle which connect you to earth and move you through your world with your children in tow. You squat, lunge, sit and stand with such grace and power each and every day. See your strength now?


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Introducing bottles to breastfed babies can be a stressful and emotional time for parents and baby.

Some moms feel guilt when baby is introduced to a bottle because it’s a huge change for baby, while some moms worry about nipple confusion (also known as nipple preference). Many parents are overwhelmed by the amount of information and advice on what bottles to use, and when to start using them.

Take a deep breath!...


Being a mom is stressful, but there is one simple thing we can all do (besides working out ) to reduce our stress today... a bit of spring cleaning and DECLUTTERING!!

Living inside of a messy, disorganized space can make your life feel a little out of control. A couple of times a year we all need to evaluate our space and get rid of the things our family no longer needs.

Purging can be especially hard when you're a mom. Not only...

F4M-Marathon-FB-1200x900-02 (2).jpg

Do you put YOU first? Do you think that sounds selfish? We don’t! Most moms put themselves last on the priority list. There’s just not enough time, so you surely can’t make health a priority. It would be selfish of you to care for yourself, right? Wrong! Chances are that you are the back bone of your family. There’s no cheating in health. You can’t postpone it. It happens now. The longer you go without taking care of yourself, the longer and...


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