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Did you know that your jogging stroller may be the longest lasting piece of baby equipment in your home? Unlike many baby products that your baby outgrows in a short time, a good jogging stroller can carry you from newborn well through early childhood. Jogging strollers are now so good that you really only need one stroller! So, it’s important to find the right one for you. Here are some things to look for.

Swivel / Fixed Wheel – We suggest a swivel wheel for its turning ease. You can literally turn it with one hand. A traditional fixed wheel jogger has to be pushed on the back wheels to turn. But for longer runs, you want a fixed wheel. The ideal stroller can be set as fixed or used as a swivel.

Reclining Seat – When baby is happy, mommy is happy. Look for a jogger that can recline back in case your little one wants to take a nap.

Infant Adaptor – Many of the jogging strollers now have adaptors so you can put your car seat in it right from the start.

Wheel Size – Bigger wheels are generally best for heavy runners or rough terrain. Smaller wheels are...


Do you wonder what kind of exercise you can do after having a baby? Well, always check with your doctor first, but these recommendations should guide you along as you regain your strength after baby.

General recommendations:

• Begin Pelvic floor rehab immediately: Kegels

• Weeks 0-2: Focus on gentle activity, begin pelvic tilts and small abdominal crunches

• Weeks 2-4: short walks, duration 5-15 minutes

• Weeks 4-6: maintain routine, don’t rush progression

Your goals in your first 6 weeks are rest and recovery and to bond with baby. Exercise should be stress relieving not stress producing. Don't focus on weight loss quite yet. Instead, adopt healthy lifestyle behaviors that can significantly impact your health for decades.

Generally, you can resume exercise if uncomplicated delivery at your 6-week check up. Build up slowly and gradually. Stop if it causes pain, dizziness or fatigue. Stop exercise if it causes increase in bleeding.

With C-section...

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Fact : One in four babies born in the United States are born cesarean section. (That’s about 1 million deliveries per year)

Cesareans have been part of human culture since ancient times. According to Greek mythology Apollo removed Asclepius, from his mother's abdomen. The term is commonly believed to be derived from birth of Julius Caesar. Roman law under Caesar decreed that all women who might die in childbirth must be cut open; hence, cesarean. No matter the origin, the fact is that cesareans account for nearly 30% of births in the United States.

Cesarean birth is the birth of a baby through surgical incisions (cuts) made in the abdomen and uterus.

There are multiple possible reasons for Cesarean including:

· Multiple Birth

· Failure to progress

· Concern for baby

· Problems with placenta

· Previous cesareans

After delivery, you can expect the hospital stay to be anywhere from two to four days. It takes a few weeks to heal abdomen. It’s not uncommon to feel:

· Mild...

Stroller Strides is a fitness program for moms and babies.

Need a workout with baby? You can get a cardio workout that burns lots of calories by picking up the pace from a slow walk to a brisk “stroll” with your stroller. Create our own gym outdoors using benches and tables along with exercise tubing and the stroller for balance.

Any stroller will work, with the exception of an umbrella stroller (these are not designed for stability or speed.) It’s easiest to workout with a jogging stroller, which steers more easily and allows you to maintain better posture. I’ve designed the Stroller Strides Fitness Stroller by BOB. It’s made not only for intense strolling, but is equipped with a fitness kit that includes tubing for resistance exercises. Whichever stroller you choose, make sure that the wheels and construction are solid, and that baby is comfortably strapped in.

The beauty about being outside is that your child is happily distracted—and for a moment, you’re off the hook from entertaining duties. Babies under one year are absolutely fascinated with leaves blowing on a tree and clouds moving through the sky. That’s not to say...