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Showing ALL THE LOVE for you MAMAS this week!! Tag those who make the motherhood a l i t t l e bit easier just by being in it with you. . . #galentinesday #girlfriends #FIT4MOM pc // Lyndsey Vioral . . Repost @f4mrancho

Reconnecting with your spouse postpartum is so crucial for a healthy + happy marriage. Support from your spouse is priceless. Has parenting pushed you apart? Does your marriage need some TLC? Remember when it was just two of you? Who were you as a unit before little ones? Then what happened? Tune in to listen to our founding mama, @lisadruxman and her hubby, Jason, as they discuss R E A L . L I F E issues and questions about how to gain support from your spouse and enhance your marriage and your new normal as a family of 2 plus 1, 2, 3, etc. 💗 link in bio ||


Marathon Mama

I must admit moms that the timing of this Motivating Mom post could not be better! Meet Andrea, fabulous mother of 2, who has resolved to live a healthier life. Not only is she our featured mom this week, but she also won the FIT4MOM Fit4Fall Challenge. I feel like I know this lovely lady, because she posted pictures of every workout, most meals and all of the runs she did with her mom. Read on about this amazing Mom who decided she wanted to get healthy for her family!

**Tell us about yourself**

I’m a 28yr old SAHM with two awesome little boys who are 1 & 4 yrs old. I found out about Stroller Strides while my friend and I were walking around a local lake. We kept seeing this group of moms walking around with their strollers working out and we wanted to know what they were up too. A few weeks later I found a Groupon for Stroller Strides and we decided to give it a try, we started working out with the mama’s at Fit4Mom Santa Rosa in April and the rest is history.

**Share where you are in your fitness journey**

So far I’ve lost 16 pounds in 7...


It's that time of month to ask me whatever you want. I get questions on everything from business to fitness. This month's question...

"What Stresses You Out? How Do You Handle Stress?"

Lot's of things stress me out. Too much to do and too little time. My kids whining. Not having childcare when I need to work. Kids fighting. Ok, the list goes on.

How do I deal with it? I put daily effort in to stress prevention and stress reduction.

1) I meditate every day. Just 10 minutes does the trick.

2) I try to find gratitude every day. It's good for you and your health. I keep a gratitude journal by my computer and fill it out every single day.

3) I soothe myself with scents. Aromatherapy has been proven to reduce stress. I keep some wonderful smelling oils in my purse, my car and at my desk. You would laugh seeing me essentially spraying away the stress during certain tense moments.

4) I "take 10". Most of our stress comes from the chaos that is inherent in our busy lives. I try to take 10 minutes of every day to decompress. I know you feel like...


The time is upon us! Festivities, fun and...FOOD! This is your game plan for the weekend. Add these three exercises in each day and notice how you find yourself getting "mind right" as a result of your workouts. Often times, when you make the time for a few simple, yet effective, exercises in your day, you begin making better choices.

1. Crunch with Chest Press - Core strength PLUS shoulder and chest benefits. (use tubing or weights)

2. Staggered Burpee - Cardio and core strength with the instability of the staggered stance.

3. Forward Curtsy with Biceps & Triceps - Combine great lower body strength with a challenge for both the biceps and triceps. (use tubing or weights)