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If there were an award for multitasking, moms would win for sure! We text and walk, diaper and talk, email and pay bills and the list goes on. However, we should stop glorifying multitasking as we now know that it's the most inefficient way to work. Speak to most moms and they talk of living in chaos throughout the day. Well, maybe it's time that we learn to work smarter and not harder as a mom.

Studies have shown that multitasking yields about the same result as someone who is smoking pot! It is proven science that moving back and forth between tasks is inefficient. You never get "in the zone" for any activity. And contrary to what you might believe, all this multitasking is not saving you time!

So what's the secret? It's called batching. Would you ever bake a single cupcake? No, you bake a batch. Well let's batch your similar work. Pay your bills all at one time. Do all of your email at one time. Spend time with your kids in purposeful blocks. By getting a chance to focus, you will become more efficient, more effective and will make less mistakes. Most importantly,...


Meet our Motivating Mom, Sara! After picking up and moving her life, this momma made the best of her change in circumstance by joining FIT4MOM and choosing to live a happier life. This is how Sara found her tribe.

**Tell us about yourself**

Hello! My name is Sara, I am a 28 year old mother of one. I am lucky enough to be the mother to my amazing daughter Chloe, who is already 1 *tear*. I am currently a stay at home mother, after I gave up my extraordinary position at Lowe’s, here in Yuma, AZ. My husband of almost 4 fantastic years moved us to Yuma, AZ just after he asked me to marry him, (sigh, the good ol’ days!) We relocated from Sierra Vista, AZ, leaving behind everything we ever knew!

**What motivated you to make a change?**

After arriving in Yuma, I hated it, UGH! The weather is crazy hot, turn on your oven, stick your face in, HOT. After the birth of our daughter, I begged people on Facebook to help connect me to the best group of mommas, I did not want to hate Yuma any longer, I knew it was a choice that I had made to be unhappy and I would...


It's simple really...when we move more, we feel better. When we move we increase circulation, we lubricate our joints, we breathe better and we think better. Every hour commit to get up and move in some way. Need ideas?

  • Take a few laps around your house
  • Walk to the mailbox
  • Walk to the store
  • Walk or jog in place
  • ...or my personal favorite: Crank some tunes and DANCE!

Pick one and get moving. Your body and mind will thank you for it!


Growing up in New York, some of my favorite childhood memories are post-winter thaw. Being a Mediterranean-blooded girl, I lived for the days when the sun started to show up more regularly and we could move our clock hands ahead an hour. I could finally stash my sweaters and pull out the colorful dresses and the white shoes (there were rules about that back then).

I love spring! It’s the time of blossoming and life. It’s the time of fresh vegetables and fruits. It’s the time of picnics and barbecues with family and friends. Fresh food = Happy Life.

Now, I wanted to give you something else to celebrate – all of my favorite products! You can enter my sweepstakes for a huge prize package worth over $1,000 here and visit for more information. This includes a $400 Hurom Slow Juicer for maximum nutrients, a huge box of fresh organic produce from Melissa’s Produce, a...


We all think of our children as a gift. We are grateful for our healthy children and the memories that they bestow. However, motherhood in itself may be one of the most beautiful gifts of your life. Motherhood gives us the opportunity to live as we hope our children will. Live as a role model for your child and you give yourself the gift of a beautiful and full life. We want our kids to exercise, so we should show them that it's a priority to us, even if we just get in a little bit each day. We want our kids to eat well, so we should eat whole foods when possible and not medicate ourselves with fast foods or alcohol. We want our kids to take care of their spirit, so we should meditate or pray so they see how we connect and recharge. And we want our kids to be resilient, so we should show them that life has some battles and that we handle them with grace and hopefully a sense of humor. And of course life is not perfect, so we will lose our temper at times or fall apart at others. And then we should apologize and take responsibility for our actions and share what might have been a...


This week marks the one year anniversary of the relaunch of Fit4Mom Manhattan! In honor of this wonderful occasion, we're highlighting Manhattan franchise owner and head instructor, Laura, as our Motivating Mom. Read all about her below and be sure to congratulate her in the comments!

**Tell us about yourself.**

Born and raised in New York City, I always wanted to do it "all." From my days as a three sport varsity athlete and captain in high school, to my completion of three New York City Marathons while news producing at CNN, working at the NYPD as an Intelligence Analyst, and studying International Affairs and Arabic at Columbia University, fitness has been the one constant in my life. But it wasn't until I was pregnant with my daughter, Sophia, born in March 2012, that I was determined to turn my love for exercise into a career.

**What Motivated You to make a change?**

When I was pregnant with Sophia, I was frustrated by all the misinformation out there regarding fitness and pregnancy; I started writing a blog called “Baby Bump Fit Tips” on...


While this may seem like an unusual question, it is actually one I get asked a LOT! The concern is that there are theories around the BEST way to breathe to maximize results when exercising. Here are some:

• Breath should be shallow and quick

• Breathe through your nose only

• Breathe through your mouth only

• Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth

• Exhale on exertion

The truth is the way you breathe is a pretty personal process. When you workout, experiment with different patterns/methods and see how you feel. The way you breathe needs to make sense for your body and the type of workouts you do. The main take-away is this:

1. Inhale

2. Exhale

3. Repeat

Don’t worry too much about breathing the “right” way. Master the steps above and you are golden!


For years we’ve heard about the dangers of sun exposure: premature lines and wrinkles, brown splotches, and the biggest scare of all, skin cancer. We slather on the sunscreen, wear hats, and even put on UV-protective clothing. Meanwhile, our teeth and bones pay the price—staying out of the sun means we don’t activate production of our sunshine vitamin, vitamin D, which is critical to strong bones and pearly whites.

In addition to our obsession with UV protection, numerous studies point to the fact that the Dietary Reference Intakes (RDIs) for vitamin D set in the 1990s are no longer sufficient based on new research that shows vitamin D wears more than a “calcium absorption” hat. It turns out that vitamin D could be a strong defensive player against cancer, heart disease, immunity and neuromuscular disorders. Based on this, you can bet that the Institute of Medicine (IOM) has set determining the optimal intake of vitamin D as a high priority.

Most Americans face a serious vitamin D deficiency, with women having the greatest risk of deficiency. Nearly half...


This week I was asked what I think of meal replacement shakes such as Shakeology, Isagenix, Arbonne, and the list goes on. Warning: I'm not going to make many friends in this post, as I know many readers are advocates of these brands. But I promise to share my true feelings with my readers and this is how I feel. Also note: I am NOT a nutritionist. I am a mom who is passionate about living a healthy life, so I'm compelled share what I've learned.

First off, it makes me sad that we feel we need to resort to shakes, potions and pills rather than just to eat healthy day in and day out. We are the most unhealthy society in history. We are over stressed, over worked and overweight from processed and packaged foods. Meal replacement shakes will not bring us health. Everyone wants a magic pill, but none exists.

Most meal replacement shakes are marketed to help you lose weight. Most starve your body and wreak havoc on your metabolism. Yes, you may drop a few pounds, but you will gain them back as soon as you resume your regular eating. Moreover, your metabolism will be more...


Happy Monday! We're excited for you to meet Deleah, our Motivating Mom of the week! Read below to see how she has changed her life for the better and is inspiring us all to live happier and healthier.

**Tell us about yourself.**

My name is Deleah, I'm a 30-year-old mother to three boys. I am a bachelors degree prepared Registered Nurse with a centralized focus in the operating room. My husband is active duty in the United States Coast Guard and upon transferring our family 1,200 miles north, away from all family and support I became a stay-at-home mother for the first time. Once settled in a foreign part of the country I began to feel alone and unmotivated. I realized it was time to make a change.

**What motivated you to make a change?**

Feeling a major detachment from social interaction was the driving force. I desperately needed to make friends, get out, and socialize. Not only for myself but for my young son.

**What are you doing to get/stay so healthy!?**

Currently I am a member of Stroller Strides of Southeastern Connecticut. I attend...