Your Healthy Holiday Gift List

I'm sure you've made your list and checked it twice, but don't forget to think of gifts which will make for a healthier 2014. Here are some of my favorite healthy gift ideas.

Nutribullet - At FIT4MOM, we love green smoothies. The Nutribullet is one of the most cost effective ways to get a great blend! It completely breaks down the toughest veggies and can create a delicious healthy drink. You can get this for about $119 compared to some of the more expensive blenders which are over $400!

The FitBit - This little gadget is pretty cool! It tracks all of your steps, distance and calories burned. The higher level one (The Force) shows you real time stats and tracks the quality of your sleep. It can sync to your computer or your phone. The FitBit runs from $99 - $129.

Meditation Kit - Do you know someone who needs to slow down a bit? This is a great meditation kit to get started. Found at a great site for organic skincare (Sally B's Skin Yummies), it is available in 3 different intents - Good Health, Peace, and Success. The hand crafted, felt lined, cherry wood box contains the following:

  • Aromatherapy Candle
  • Aromatherapeutic Soul Spray
  • Gemstone
  • Herb Sachet
  • Plant Seeds
  • Incense
  • Jounal
  • Instruction booklet to guide you on a meditative journey using the items and teach you awareness of everyday symbols and practices associated with the specific intent: mantras, colors, days of the week, moon phases, and many more. The cost is $53.

Conscious Box - This gift will keep on giving. Each month, a package of organic, gmo free healthy samples will be sent. It's a great way to discover healthy and eco friendly products. Cost is about $19.95 per month.

Water Infuser - Want to flavor up your water? Try a water infusion jug so you get the taste of the fruit or herbs. I love that this one is glass! Try a new spa water each day! Cost is just $15.

Soy Candles - I love creating some ambience with a candle but most are actually quite bad for our health. Soy candles are an eco friendly and healthier alternative. Soy Delites has some yummy scents! Prices vary.

Brica Phone Pod - This is a great gift for a Stroller Strider! It's a phone attachment for your stroller. Great for playing tunes during your stroller workout or checking off your grocery list! Cost is $14.99.

Of course, I love the gift of fitness! Purchase a Stroller Strides or Body Back gift certificate from your local FIT4MOM franchisee.

We wish you all an amazing holiday season!

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