Your Back To School Routine

Back to school often means back to a routine for many moms. This year, let's set you up to have a routine that makes your life easier and healthier! A little planning goes a long way! Here are some tips to help you get organized and have a healthy school year.

- Pre pack lunches: I know you're tired but if you pack lunches ahead of time, you will feel so ahead of the game come morning. You can even freeze sandwiches. They will be perfectly defrosted by lunch time.

- Pre set breakfast. Take 10 minutes to figure out what you are going to make for breakfast. Put out what you can. There are many breakfasts which can be prepared the night before such as overnight oats or breakfast muffins. You need breakfast too. No excuses!

- Create a checklist for each child of the things they need to get together in the morning. If they don't read, make pictures. Examples include backpack, lunch, sunblock, etc. Teach them to be responsible for themselves!

Now it's time for you!

- Go to bed 15 minutes earlier than normal and set your alarm 15 minutes earlier. Use this new found time to journal, pray or meditate. This may sound crazy but light a candle and use some aromatherapy oil. This routine will help you set the tone to your day.

- Put your workout clothes out the night before. Leave yourself no excuses. Join us for a Stroller Strides or Body Back class. If you aren't taking class, get your workout in before your family wakes up.

If the morning is still hurried and stressful, the whole family may need to wake up earlier. Find what works for your family. "How you start your day is how you live your day, and how you live your day is the way you live your life." ~ Louise L. Hay

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