Word Of The Month: Motivate

Our WOM (Word Of The Month) at FIT4MOM is Motivate! We all seem to want more motivation. But what is it? It's defined as "the art or process of giving someone a reason for doing something." We are all looking for the energy that gets us to act, to do more of something. We are looking for the desire to go out and exercise to eat better or start some project. We don't want it to feel like work. We want to be excited about it. It's that fire from within. But sometimes it goes out.

We can't be motivated all of the time. Sometimes that spark does go out and we feel uninspired, lazy and even drained. At those times, your goal seems like just a goal and something that will never happen. It's ok. It happens. To all of us. But then we need to come back.

Zig Ziglar said “People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily.”

Here are some tips to recharge your motivation:

1) Readjust your focus. You will have what you focus on, so if you are focusing on the negative or your lack of motivation that is all you will wind up with. Readjust the lens and focus on your goal. Focus on the positive and you will start to see it!

2) Tap in to motivating sources. Do you have friends who motivate you? Listen to podcasts? Read books? Find these things that motivate you and tap in to them daily. Surround yourself with motivating influences.

3) Unlock your creative side. Get out some crayons (yes crayons) and doodle away. Or get out a journal and write until you have nothing left to write about. These things can awaken your creativity and help you tap in to what motivates you.

4) Change Your Surroundings. You might feel "stuck" in your physical space. Go outside into nature. If you need to be indoors, play some great music, light a candle and clean up your clutter.

5) Break It Down. We often lose motivation when we are overwhelmed. Take a piece of paper out and write down your goal. Now, write down all of your next steps to get to that goal. Break those steps in to small manageable action items with dates that you will get them done. Eat your elephant... one bite at a time.

Life will get busy. Life will get messy. But your life is made up by small choices that you make every single day. When you feel charged and excited, it makes the adventure so much more fun. I promise you, it's worth being purposeful about getting motivated! Don't wait for it to happen! And of course, I hope that you find some motivation every time you come to a Fit4Baby, Stroller Strides or Body Back class! Let's do this!

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