Winter Stroller Tips

It is officially winter!! We know you love your strollers and want to take the best possible care of them (because they carry around our most precious cargo!). So we worked with Britax/BOB to come up with some helpful tips for taking your little one(s) out in the cold during the winter. We included an awesome general maintenance checklist to make sure your stroller is always in tip top shape.

*Bundle your munchkin up in warm layers. Think easy-on, easy-off for the outer layers. If it is going to be very cold, get your babe dressed and then add on either a snow suit or bunting. Snowsuits have form fitting legs and arms, whereas bunting is like a mini sleeping bag with a seam between the legs for stroller snap in. You want a good layer of insulation and a water-repellent outer layer(fleece, fiberfill or flannel). The BOB Warm Fuzzy is padded with fleece and keeps little ones nice and toasty.

* We lose our heat from our head, hands and feet so bring a hat and mittens. If your little one sucks on his hands be sure to pack an extra pair, if they get wet they will make him colder instead of warmer! Warm socks/booties/shoes will keep those sweet toes from getting cold.

* If snow is in the forecast, a Weather Shield helps keep baby dry and warm while still allowing a view of the world.

*Once you get indoors, even just for a quick stop, take off a layer (or 2) so that your little one won’t perspire. If not, the dampness will make him/her colder when you get back outside.

* To help keep your stroller in tip top shape, make sure it’s cleaned and dried thoroughly after each use to help prevent rusting and corrosion and store indoors, if possible.

*Important safety reminder: Car seat straps need to be snug to work properly. Bulky clothing and jackets are not to be used in the car. Blankets should not go between your baby and the straps. Once your little one is secure in his car seat, you can add a blanket on top of the harness instead of under them.

Perform this list of general maintenance checkpoints each spring, when stroller usage likely increases, to help extend the life of your stroller:

* Ensure tires are inflated to help hold air for an extended period, may need to check more frequently in colder climates

* Ensure that all quick releases are tight, visit instructions for helpful video instructions

* Confirm the harness is correctly anchored

* Ensure your stroller’s front wheel swivels easily but is not loose (if applicable)

* Lock the front swivel wheel and push the unloaded stroller along a straight line to ensure the wheels are aligned and it is tracking straight

* Ensure all fabric is in good condition (i.e. no tears or loose seams)

* Ensure there are no loose or missing fabric screws

* Confirm the parking breaks operation locks both wheels

Happy Winter!

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