Where has the summer gone?

Where has the summer gone? With the school year on the horizon, like most moms, you’re day will be jam-packed with taking the kids to and from school, shuttling them to after school activities, helping them with homework, making lunches, and getting them to bed at a decent hour. It may be hard to find time to eat properly. In order to start your day off right, it’s important to make time for breakfast. Since blueberries are in full abundance this season, you could make this quick, nutrition-dense smoothie – inspired by our Blueberry Bliss LUNA Bar -- before you head out the door.

Blueberry Smoothie


1 banana, peeled, frozen and cut into four pieces

2/3 cup milk, almond milk, oat milk or soy milk

2 tablespoons peanut butter

2/3 cup fresh or frozen blueberries

Add ingredients to blender and mix until smooth.

If you don’t have time to throw the smoothie together, a delicious Blueberry Bliss LUNA Bar and a piece of fruit will do the trick too.

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