What Would Love Do?

In honor of Valentine's Day, I'm going to go deep here. So get ready!

The answer to virtually every challenge we have is LOVE. That's right, LOVE. Think about LOVE as a spirit, a person or a higher power. And ask yourself, What

Would Love Do (WWLD)? In your heart, you will always know the answer because love is universal. It is in fact the most powerful force we know. It is the language that goes beyond borders, culture, religion.

We spend so much of our lives defending why we are right and why someone else is wrong. Guess what? They are doing the same thing. There are two sides to every story. If you were in their shoes, you would feel like they do. But if we asked a different question, we may find a way to come together.

Usually, we ask ourselves, "what should I do?", "what's wrong with me?" or "what was he thinking?" But if you asked yourself WHAT WOULD LOVE DO, you'll have the answer pure and simple.

Love yourself and see what happens.

Love your kids and see them blossom.

Love your spouse and see what returns.

Think about what would happen if everyone lived WWLD. The next time someone cuts you off, ask yourself WWLD? The next time your husband leaves his socks on the floor, ask yourself WWLD? And the next time your child throws a major temper tantrum, ask WWLD? I bet it would dramatically change how we react if we asked that question first.

I was introduced to this concept by my friend Annie Fonte who leads a group called Lines In The Sand. I have since found it in songs by Jason Mraz and with a group called What Would Love Do International. How wonderful to pass on this gift as it truly brings about joy, happiness, giving.

Valentine's Day is a wonderful day to celebrate LOVE. This year, let's give the gift of giving it all year long. Pass it on! WWLD!

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