"What Does 'Postnatal Exercise' Mean"?

In my job, I have the incredible honor of training thousands of women across the country to be FIT4MOM Instructors. In addition to teaching the foundations of anatomy, physiology and biomechanics, we dive deep into understanding pre and postnatal considerations. I cannot count how many times I have been asked, “How long is someone considered 'postnatal'”?

Dictionary.com says: ‘subsequent to childbirth’…vague.

Other references state that it is within the first year after childbirth.

Still others have said, for the rest of your life! While that might not be the correct definition, secretly, this is how I see it (shh! Don’t tell anyone!)

The profound changes that pregnancy brings, coupled with the physical demands of motherhood, mean that our postnatal exercise regime should always be our focus. Find workouts with an emphasis on core restoration, postural alignment and all over functional training. It doesn’t matter if your baby is 2 months old or 20 years old, your body needs “postnatal exercise”.

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