Welcome To Our Village

We realized many years ago that every mom needs a village. They say it takes a village to raise a child. But maybe it also takes a village to raise a mom. All moms are looking to connect, to inspire and to share. For many years, we have offered a moms club in conjunction with our sponsors. You may remember them as the LUNA Moms Club or Plum Moms Club. Our sponsors have helped us in being able to offer these groups for free to any mom who wants to join. And of course, you also got great samples!

We are excited to announce an all new Moms Club supported by many of our amazing partners. We wanted to create an inviting group where moms with babies can have fun, meet other new moms and be a part of something special. The name seemed obvious. Our Village. We hope that Our Village is a place where you can participate in fun activities with your baby or toddler. We hope that Our Village is where you feel safe and where you can get answers and support about motherhood. From mom's nights out to meal trains for moms in need, this is your village.

One thing that always made our Moms Club special was our need to give back. Motherhood has a tendency to make you raw to the world and on a mission to make it a better place. We realized the great power when moms get together for a cause. For over a decade, FIT4MOM franchises have been getting together to raise money, to raise awareness, and to educate for many causes that are near to our heart. Our Village makes it easy for you to be a part of something that gives back. If you want to be more involved in any of our initiatives, please let your local franchisee know. Click here to find out about some of the causes we support.

Our mission for Our Village is to connect, inspire, and share. One of the newest things we are excited to share with you are specials and discounts from some of our favorite partners. Check out the all new Our Village Marketplace!

One thing is for sure. Motherhood is one of the hardest roles we ever take on. As wonderful as it is, it is also sometimes lonely. We hope that Our Village brings you the fun and friendships you need to love motherhood. We thank you for sharing Our Village with your friends and family, because every mom deserves a village.

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