Today Is Precious

My 93 year old grandma passed away last week. She lived a very full, extraordinary life. But as I looked through my decades of pictures with her, I wonder if we realize how precious each day is.

It's easy to live life on autopilot. To just get through each day, moving from one activity to the next. The gift in life is to realize the preciousness of a day in an ordinary moment.

Take a moment to see where your new baby fits in to the crook of your arm and to revel in her soft skin, even when you are sleep deprived and dealing with a colic.

Enjoy your toddler's utter amazement at a snail and determination to do something for himself, even when you are rushed and at wit's end from the last tantrum.

Truly listen to your 3rd grader's point of view and put down your iPhone when she asks you to play teacher with her, even when you're behind at work and needing to clean up your disaster of a house.

Sit with your high school student at breakfast and look in his, eyes even when he won't look at yours and he says he doesn't need you.

In between the tantrums and chaos of family are the precious moments. When we choose to look for them, we find there are more there than we realized. In fact, they are there in the most ordinary days. Our memories are not made up of the big events such as birthday parties and vacations. It's the moments between, that string the big ones together.

It is impossible to not get caught up in life. However, we can set our intention each day to notice more, to enjoy the moment more fully, to realize the gift in being simply alive.

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" Mary Oliver

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