Three Steps to Defrosting your Resolutions

Are your resolutions on deep-freeze?

When February comes around, for a lot of people, we tend to fall back into the same routine – wake up, get the kids to school, clean the house, pick kids up, make dinner, get them ready for bed and tucked in. Before you know it, it’s bedtime for you.

Your friends at LUNA, want you to know that it doesn’t have to be like that day in and day out. It’s so important to make time for yourself, so that you can be your best self for you and your family. Here are 3 ways that may help you get back on track:

1) Go out for walks while you push the baby in the stroller during nap time

2) Do some circuit training on your walking route that don’t require any exercise equipment (i.e. walking lunges from your driveway to the end of your block, find a bench and do some pushups and dips)

3) When hunger strikes between meals, pack a snack that you’ll feel good about like a LUNA Bar. We love Nutz Over Chocolate; we hope that you do too! It is not only delicious, but it is loaded with all sorts of good-for-you ingredients that will provide you with the proper nutrients to get you through your busy. For more information: http://www.lunabar.com/products/luna-bar/nutz-over-chocolate.

For more helpful tips on successful snacking on-the-go: http://www.lunabar.com/nutrition/article/snacking-success-on-the-go

Here’s to more movement and happy snacking!

Ladies of LUNA

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