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The Voice Inside Your Head

Let's face it. The voice inside your head does not shut up. Constant chatter. Never ending flow of thoughts. Now, the question is, is the voice helping you? I think of it like each of us has a Gremlin or a Goddess sitting on your shoulder. The Gremlin tells us all the reasons you can't do something or why you're not good enough. Your Gremlin is who drives down our self confidence and self worth. The Goddess lifts you up, encourages you and helps you believe in your possibilities. And when you believe you can do something, you will do it.

So, who speaks to you more?

We do have control over our inner Gremlin or Goddess. The key is to be aware of your self talk and re-direct it. It's important to help our children build their inner Goddess (or Super Hero for boys) as their beautiful minds are now looking for the path to take.

Here are three ways to raise re-direct your self talk.

1) Be aware of it. That's it. Simply being aware that your self talk is not assisting you can help you turn it around.

2) Practice Affirmations. Find a book or website or favorite affirmation to repeat daily. It's like you are creating a new pathway for your brain to take.

3) Surround Yourself With The Power Of Positive. I find that the more you surround yourself with positive people, the more likely you are to feel positive yourself.

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