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The Speed Of Your Life

I came down with the flu on Thursday. Still writing this from bed in fact. In about two hours, I went from 90 miles an hour to zero. Sadly enough, I thought of this blog as I recovered under the covers. I started to think about how we go so hard, so fast every single day. When we drive, there is a speed limit. It is the suggested, safe speed for us all to go. Maybe we need a speed limit on our life? Because there must be something between pedal to the metal and all out crash. I often think we get sick as our body's last attempt to get you to slow down. I had absolutely no choice but to slow down for the last 4 days. I didn't even have the energy to look at my phone or watch tv. Now that's bad. I have to wonder. If I had been going slower before hand, would it have hit me any less? If I was going 90 miles per hour, what would 75 look like? What would I have to do to go that speed?

So if you are reading this, what speed are you going? Is that your safe speed limit? A reminder to us all. Slow down. This is not a race. The person who gets the most done in a day does not win. But I'm guessing that the person who chose to live with purpose and passion will.

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