The Gift Of Motherhood

We all think of our children as a gift. We are grateful for our healthy children and the memories that they bestow. However, motherhood in itself may be one of the most beautiful gifts of your life. Motherhood gives us the opportunity to live as we hope our children will. Live as a role model for your child and you give yourself the gift of a beautiful and full life. We want our kids to exercise, so we should show them that it's a priority to us, even if we just get in a little bit each day. We want our kids to eat well, so we should eat whole foods when possible and not medicate ourselves with fast foods or alcohol. We want our kids to take care of their spirit, so we should meditate or pray so they see how we connect and recharge. And we want our kids to be resilient, so we should show them that life has some battles and that we handle them with grace and hopefully a sense of humor. And of course life is not perfect, so we will lose our temper at times or fall apart at others. And then we should apologize and take responsibility for our actions and share what might have been a better way to handle it in the future. Still not convinced that you should be their model mom?

Never before have our kids had so many outside influences. There has always been peer pressure but now we have social media, texting and video games competing with our good intentions. Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian are their influencers. So, what is their hope? It's you. Their mom. It's up to you to stay grounded and real. It's up to you to have convictions and purpose. But the good news is, it's a gift for you as much as them. So, go ahead and live out loud. Let them see you make better choices, exercise more, laugh daily, rest and recharge. Show them that it's important to connect with nature and with people not technology. Let them see that life is hard but that you have determination to get around obstacles with grit and grace. Read books and take courses so that they see that you love to learn and to grow. And finally, be good to yourself because they need you. You are an inspiration. You are their world. And they are a gift to you!

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