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The Best Baby Foods - Choose This, Not That

Every mom wants to feed her baby the very best. Some moms make their own baby foods. However, busy moms like me often need to depend on prepared baby food. When I had my kids thirteen years ago, there were not many choices. Many of the popular brands had fillers, GMO's and were definitely not organic. Some of these brands do not have the appropriate nutrients for your baby. Some have less than a fifth of the recommended daily supply of calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron and other crucial minerals. Babies are far more sensitive than we are so exposing them to pesticides and other allergens is a huge concern. It outrages me that some big companies like Nestle (parent of Gerber) will agree to take GMO's out of baby foods in South Africa, but not in our own country. Clearly, it can be done.

Play it safe! Go with one of our FIT4MOM approved brands and you will know that it is organic, free of GMO's and good for your baby!

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