Take A Peek Inside My Grocery Bag

Ok, so do you want to know what's in my bag? Or grocery bags in this case?

The trick to eating healthy is a well stocked kitchen. I do my best to shop at natural food markets when possible. Luckily, there are more and more healthy options at all super markets.

First off, my bags are loaded with fresh produce. Carrots, spinach, onions, tomatoes, broccoli and kale. All are staples and I really try to go organic with all of my produce. On good weeks, I pre-chop veggies and put them in containers to use for the week. It's kind of like a buffet. Throw some in to breakfast, some for snacks, get the picture. If I have veggies or fruits left over, I cut them and freeze them for meals and smoothies at a later date. That way, no waste!

Of course my kids won't let me get just produce. They want "kid food". I'll succumb to foods like fruit strips if they are all fruit and to mac and cheese when it's made of the good stuff. In an ideal world, we would eat foods that don't need to be packaged. But I'm glad that there are some great brands out there that do provide wholesome foods.

I don't drink fruit juice or soda so I'm loving Kombucha (a fermented tea) and the great variety of bottled veggie juices that are now available. I love to juice but it is time consuming and I hate the clean up so this is my cheat. Warning, these juices are not cheap! But I'm justifying it with all of the junk food that I don't buy.

I make a lot of smoothies for my family. A great base is coconut milk or almond milk. I used to use soy milk but now am concerned about too much soy in the diet.

I always have coconut oil in the house. Great to cook with! And it's fabulous on your hair and skin. Coconut oil is one of the few oils that can stand high heat. And, it is believed to have some amazing health benefits due to the combination of fatty acids.

I buy a lot of ground turkey and chicken from Costco. So happy as they now have organic!

I would say that these 5 items are 100% always in my grocery bag:

1) Eggs

2) Organic Milk

3) Organic Orange Juice (Jake still drinks it)

4) Produce

5) Wine (Need to keep it real)

I use a cool app called Our Groceries so I'm prepared with what to buy. My family can add to the list from their smart phone or computer. I'm guessing you really want to know the bad stuff I buy right? Well, that's why I like going to natural foods markets. I think even their bad stuff is pretty good. I'll buy dark chocolate for my treats. Hmm. What else is bad? My kids will sometimes talk me in to buying them goldfish or Cheese Its.

If your goal is to be healthy, have an adventure at the super market and try new healthy foods. Keep your kitchen stocked and have a plan!

What's in your grocery bags?


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