Stroller Workouts blog post by Lisa Druxman

Stroller Workouts - Modifying For Your Fit

I'll never forget the days that a mom would show up at a Stroller Strides class in her flip flops, assuming that our class is more talk and less walk. I get that it's hard to know what to expect if you have never participated in a stroller workout. Will it be too hard? Not hard enough? Well, the best part of a stroller workout is that it can fit all fitness levels. We have moms who have just had a baby and who have never worked out before. And we have elite athletes who join our classes. So, how do we create a workout that fits for all levels?

If you are out of shape or have never worked out before, you are in luck. If you can walk for an hour with your stroller, you can do Stroller Strides. Your instructor will lead you for a 45 minute power walk with the stroller. You'll stop every few minutes to do a strength station. Your instructor can show you how to modify and adjust the intensity of any exercise. Maybe you won't do all of the repetitions, but you are there! And those steps will add up!

If you are in great shape, you can still get a great workout at Stroller Strides. Your instructor will turn your walking intervals into running intervals with the stroller. You can choose the higher resistance exercise tubing and your instructor will show you ways to intensify each strength exercise.

Most of our classes are designed for every level. However, you will find some classes that are offering advanced stroller workouts so be sure to check the website.

It is amazing to see all levels of fitness come together during our stroller workout. You will find at our classes nationwide that moms are there to support one another not just in fitness but in motherhood. Let your instructor know about your goals and what you want to get out of your classes so she can personalize the stroller workout for you!

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