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Shrink The Change

For decades, I have asked my clients to think of just making baby steps towards their health or fitness goal. As I read the new book Switch by Chip Heath and Dan Heath, we are on the same page that success begets success. They describe it as Shrinking The Change. Most change, whether at home, work or on ourselves is overwhelming. When you break it down, anything is doable.

As a child, I was a horseback rider. My horse unfortunately was abused and I was told would never jump over 2 feet. I remember my trainer setting the bar on the ground and we first just worked on him going over it. That, he could do. Once he was comfortable with that, we raised it a notch. It was a slow process but he and I both built up confidence with each success. Eventually, my horse was jumping 5 feet fences!

Today, I am teaching a notorious Body Back class called 100's day where we do 100 of each exercise. Eyes will go wide in disbelief at the exercises they will be asked to do. But we will break it down to the smallest block and will build from there. Every single client will do it!

So, take any change that you want to make in your life and shrink it until it's doable.

- Kids not cleaning their rooms? Focus on just one section or just picking up the floor.

- Not a runner? Focus on running a few steps, walking and then running again

- Credit card debt? Pay the minimum payments and start to pay off one card at a time.

- Poor eating habits? Just make one swap for a better choice.

Nothing is insurmountable when you break it down!

"Success is the result of small efforts repeated day in and day out" R. Collier

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