Show the Holiday Love: Provide Friends and Family with Tasty, ORGANIC Food.

As parents, we believe that feeding family and friends delicious, safe, clean food is an important way to show them we care, because organic food is both a gift and a critical investment in our futures and our children’s futures. This can be particularly challenging around the holidays.

When you persuade through the palate, you can navigate holiday feasts and family gatherings and still enjoy lots of organic fun. Years ago, our friend Melinda Hemmelgarn, M.S., R.D., had a memorable conversation with farmer-poet Wendell Berry. When she asked Berry how she could help people care about their food, he thought for a moment and then replied: “let them taste it.”

Of course! The way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, and the holidays couldn’t be a better time to teach that lesson. In order to help people care about how their food is raised, grown and produced, it makes sense to win them over through their taste buds first.

After enjoying outdoor winter activities, a cup of hot cocoa made with Organic Valley Milk is just the thing to warm hearts. We like to use a 50/50 blend of Organic Valley Half & Half and Organic Valley Milk, heated with Fair Trade organic chocolate. Serve with a crisp apple, Organic Valley Raw Sharp Cheddar Cheese and a cup ofStonyfield Yogurt.

If you’re heading to a party or gathering, bring a delicious organic dish and beverage you can enjoy, worry free. Your hostess will love you for reducing her stress and helping to round out the holiday table.

If you’re hosting your own holiday meal, think about dishes that can be made withStonyfield Oikos Organic Yogurt. Greek yogurt has an incredibly rich and creamy texture, about twice the protein of regular yogurt, less lactose and fewer carbs. Chefs use it to add taste and creaminess to their dishes. Put some of these tasty dishes made with Oikos Organic Yogurt on the table and you’re guaranteed kudos.

Finally, any of these delectable desserts featuring Organic Valley dairy productscould top-load your arsenal of persuasion.

Give the gift of organic food and food for thought. Traditional holiday cookies come with the season. To make yours extra special, wrap them in an organic cotton dishtowel and include your recipe (listing organic ingredients) along with a favorite poem, quote, or book about organic food and agriculture. Some of our favorites include any title by Wendell Berry; Diet for a Hot Planet, by Anna Lappe; This Organic Life, by Joan Gussow, or Manifestos on the Future of Food and Seed, a short collection of essays edited by Vandana Shiva.

Know that with each thoughtful, organic act you commit over the holidays, you are planting seeds for a kinder, healthier future, not to mention a happy, healthy, organic holiday today!

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