Share Your Why!!

Hey Moms!! We would love your help with a project we are working on at FIT4MOM headquarters. We want to know WHY you love/choose/own/participate in/teach/can't get enough of FIT4MOM. Here is what we are looking for:

Shoot a short video explaining WHY you choose FIT4MOM.


* .mov or .m4v

*Shoot outdoors

*Don’t wear white

*Kids can be in the video or not, your choice

*30-40 seconds of talking about your "Why"

*No music bed


Frame it so that you are chest up and fill the frame (not a lot of space above your head)

No sunglasses - we want to see your eyes

Try to have a quiet background - be aware of music or loud white noise

Make sure there isn't a bright light behind you - the sun should be behind the camera

Avoid dark lighting

Post on FB and / or Instagram. tag #WHYFIT4MOM

The chosen videos will be part of a national marketing video. Questions? Email hillary@fit4mom.com

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