Realize you are BeYOUtiful NOW!

I just wrapped up a very special project which is aimed to inspire women to love their bodies and stop wasting time worried about a number on a scale, a dimple here or a muffin top there. I spoke to my mom as I drove home about the project. She said that as you age, on the inside you don't change. You still feel young, think young. But on the outside, you will see your body change and your skin change. And at some point, you need to come to peace with it. It's pointless and a waste of your oh so precious life to be stressing on sagging skin or drooping body parts. But most of all, you look back and realize that you probably should have appreciated your body more when you were younger. And every year is younger. At 60, you should have appreciated your 50 year old body. At 50, your 40 year old body and so forth. Basically, we need to appreciate our bodies at any stage and age.

My FIT4MOM colleague and friend Judy Bruton was part of this passion project. It is her in this picture with me. She is 70 years old. After we finished, she had an "ah ha" moment that she wanted to share with us. This is her letter to us all...


In general, when one gets older and starts to lose their looks, they feel like people tend to not notice them so much anymore, or pay as much attention to, or listen to them......everyone's far too busy with their own lives and there are times when you actually can feel "invisible". Just about all of my friends (and many acquaintances), especially single women, have discussed this with me.

So here's the cold, hard truth:

Your physical body WILL decline one day and YOU won't be able to totally control that. lT'S A FACT.

And men WILL stop noticing and appreciating you when that time comes, because they're influenced by society also.

So by the time you get to the later stages of this life cycle, if you have any intentions of wanting PEACE and JOY in your life, the most important thing is to learn, early on, is to love yourself, your BODY included, with ALL your imperfections.

Now, here's the most important advice about Body lmage (from a70-year-old woman's wisdom) that

I can give you:

KNOW that WHO you are, and WHAT you give, to BOTH yourself and others in your lifetime, is what's going to bring Peace and Joy to you in your later years.

It definitely won't have anything to do with all the time you wasted disliking your body, turning down social engagements, or not eating that piece of your friend's wedding cake because that body of yours wasn't perfect.

At 70 now, l've decided to change my life mantra to:





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