Raving Fan

This blog post is not my usual fitness or motherhood topic. It's about excellent customer service. There are lot's of good businesses out there but so few that are worth just raving about. When was the last time you had such great service that you just had to talk about it? When was it so good that it inspired you to write a blog? This is exactly what I'm doing!

I want to give a shout out to the folks at Spacecraft. Thank you to Jeff Williams and his team who have given us our new websites which include Fit4Mom, LisaDruxman.com and Momonamissiontv.com. Not only did they get our sites done on time, they have continued to offer amazing customer service. Recently I feel like companies work so hard to "get the sale" and then drop the ball once they have it. This is not the case with Spacecraft. So, a well deserved thank you to the team!

It has always been my goal to offer more than just a good experience with our mommy fitness classes. And I hope that we have many raving fans!

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