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Peek Inside My Medicine Cabinet

After the positive response from my "Peek Inside My Grocery Bag" post, I'm sharing what's going on inside my medicine cabinet. It's taken some time but I would say I'm now 95% green in my products. I have learned much from The Campaign For Safe Cosmetics and the Breast Cancer Fund about how our beauty routine may be toxic.

I am always experimenting with new products, trying to find replacements for some of my old standbys. Luckily, you can find a database of healthy products at Skin Deep. The database will rate your products based on the chemicals that are found in them.

Here is what's currently in my cabinet...

I'm using Earth Science cleanser and moisturizer. It has a rating of a 3 on the database. The ideal is actually a 0 - 2. They do not use parabens, animal ingredients.

I use Tom's products frequently. I LOVE their products. I use their deodorant and their toothpaste always! Their toothpaste is rated a zero and their deodorant is rated a 1; really good scores. Why should you care? Almost all mainstream deodorants have aluminum. Aluminum has been show to be associated with Alzheimer's and breast cancer. Remember, anything on your skin is transdermal, meaning it will enter your blood stream. Now, let's talk toothpaste. You will brush your teeth more than 1,000 times this year and probably never consider that you may be harming your health. Most toothpaste has FD&C blue dye No. 2, Sodium lauryl sulfate, Triclosan, Saccharin and Aspartame. The effects of these ingredients have been associated with cancer, estrogenic effects and more.

So, you will see some old perfumes at the top of my medicine cabinet. These are the last to go. I really don't wear them anymore but haven't wanted to throw them out. Ok, I'll throw them out today! The Environmental Working Group says that many perfumes have trace amounts of natural essence, but most are made from synthetic chemicals, some of which are derived from petroleum. To protect trade secrets, perfume manufacturers do not have to list what chemicals are in their products. EWG says that these chemicals have troubling hazardous properties, many of which accumulate in human tissue. So, now I use essential oils as my perfume. I love some of the Rupa oils from the Chopra Center.

The products from Sally B's are new to me. Gift from my sweet sister. She and I are always on the hunt for clean living products. Their products are rated 0 - 3 in the database. They are organic, natural and earth friendly.

On any given day, you could also see Acure, Burt's Bee's or Dr. Bronner's in my medicine cabinet. I'm still looking for a GREAT healthy conditioner for my crazy curly hair! Haven't yet found one that I truly love. Please share if you have one that is non toxic but also works great!

For your kids, please use Babytime by Episencial. If you are overwhelmed, don't be. There are TONS of products that are safe to use. Get out of the mainstream market and order online if you need to. Just use the database and sort for the safest scores. Most people just don't know that their skincare could be toxic. Please do share so that your friends and family are armed with education.

What do you want a peek in to next time?

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