New Year, New You With Help From Cabot

The New Year is well underway, and many of us have drawn up a list of resolutions for 2013. If you are like me, you probably start off the year gung-ho, only to falter a few weeks or months down the road. This year, I am challenging myself to stick to the pledge I made to turn over a new leaf, and I invite you to try it with me. Every year, like most of my female peers, one of my resolutions is to lose a couple of pounds and live a healthier lifestyle. As we all know, good nutrition is one of the cornerstones to weight loss and good health, but where do you even begin? Start with Cabot Creamery’s Healthy Kitchen Helper for timesaving tips and tricks to get the whole family eating healthier. Remember, healthy can be synonymous with delicious – try some of these lighter recipes using Cabot Light Cheddars. Pre-make these Ham, Cheese-n-Egg Cups, and re-heat when it’s time for breakfast. If you’re craving a hot winter soup for lunch, this Creamy Cheesy Cauliflower Soup is a satisfying way to get in those servings of veggies. Customize the filling of these Lettuce Roll-Ups with your favorite lean meat and veggies for a nutritious snack. And for dinner, top whole grain pasta with homemade Turkey Meatballs and fresh Vegetable Tomato Sauce - you won’t want to buy the pre-packaged varieties ever again! Visit Cabot’s Health Webpage for more nutrition tips and healthy recipes to keep you on the road to good health.

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