My 2013 Book List

Years ago my New Year's Resolution was to read one book per month. I have stuck with it and probably exceed that with the help of audible.com and ibooks. Using Zig Ziglar's Wheel Of Life, I try to learn in all areas. Admittedly, after reading this list, I'm not sure how balanced it is! I clearly have some themes! I wish I loved to learn this much when I was in school. Here are my book recommendations from 2013.

20,000 Days And Counting: The Crash Course For Mastering Your Life Right Now by Robert D. Smith. Life seems more precious to those who know it's coming to an end. In this book, Robert D. Smith realizes he has approximately 20,000 days left. Don't sleep walk through life, letting it passively go by. This book will help you be intentional and present each day. I think I will be re-reading it in 2014!

The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey. This book for me was about strengthening my weaknesses as I don't focus much on finance. Jason and I already listen to his podcast so we knew we wanted to learn more. He gives step by step advice on how to get out of debt and invest in your future. He teaches you to live like no one else now (meaning buckle down and stop spending on unnecessary items) so you can one day live like no one else!

Buddha's Brain by Rick Hanson and Richard Mendius. If you change your brain, you change your life. It's no secret that I'm fascinated by the science of the brain. This book shows how when you change your thoughts you can sculpt your brain. It shows how many Buddhist practices strengthen the neurochemical systems that determine how we feel.

Switch by Chip and Dan Heath. This book is also about how to change your brain, clearly a favorite topic of mine. I loved it because it applies to everything from diet to business. It teaches you how to make change in the brain easier. This book helped me greatly in coaching my Body Back clients so that they would want to choose healthier ways of life! Definitely one of my favorites of the year!

The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Families by Stephen R. Covey. I'm a huge Stephen Covey fan and apply his 7 Habits books to my life and business. This is where I got my idea for family meetings! He helps you build a family culture. I quickly realized that many of the techniques that I apply in building the mission and values of my business work for my family as well! This will be a book I refer back to frequently!

Tribes by Seth Godin. Yep, I'm been a big Seth Godin fan and this book keeps me loving his work! Tribes is so relevant to how we lead FIT4MOM! Seth Godin defines a tribe as people who are connected by a leader, an idea or one another. Tribes is a book about leadership and inspiration. This book reminded me of how luck I am to do what I do and to be so passionate about it!

The Power Of Habit by Charles Duhigg. This book was a great tool for my Body Back clients much like Switch. We are all habitual people and have tons of mini routines in our lives triggered by various cues and rewards. This book is like a how to manual to break the habits you don't want and to build the ones you do!

The Dip by Seth Godin. It's no surprise that I read two Seth Godin books this year! Apparently winners do quit and quitters do win! Winners quit all the time. It's important to know when to quit. Quit the wrong stuff. Stick with the right stuff. Have the guts to do one or another! We felt this one was so important that we shared the concept with our kids at the family meeting!

Entreleadership by Dave Ramsey. I bought the book as this is one of my very favorite podcasts! Loved loved this book. Most of the ideas were already true to my heart. To run a great company, you need to be a leader. Dave coaches you on everything from defining vision to hiring practices, from communication to finance. I would highly recommend this book to any business owner or business leader.

Parenting Your Powerful Child by Kevin Leman. Oh, I wish I read this earlier (like when my kids were babies). Powerful kids don't just happen. They are created. If you are at wits end with tempermental, powerful kids (or don't want to be in that position), then read this book! Kevin Leman gives you an action plan for redirecting behavior and creating positive traits that will set your kids up for success in the world!

I'm excited for another year of growing and learning! On my list are books like Crush It, Drive and Platform: Get Noticed In A Noisy Way. What will you be reading?

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