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Motivating Mom: Superstar Mom Maria

It is the beginning of another fabulous week and boy do I have a treat for you. Meet Maria. I saw Maria's photos on Facebook (where else?!) and knew she would motivate moms like crazy. Maria has 2 young kiddos but still manages to make health and fitness a priority and it shows! Great job Maria, you look fantastic! More important than that, you are a great role model to those around you!

**Tell us about yourself**

My name is Maria Deveraux, I’m 39 and I have the best job ever being a stay at home mom. I have two beautiful kids; a 4yr old daughter named Kara and a son Liam who just turned 1 yrs old. I have been doing FIT4Mom for almost 2 years, here in Temecula Valley. I actually found out about Fit4 Mom when an instructor came to one of my prenatal classes when I was pregnant with my daughter. I thought what a great way to exercise with your kids and meet other moms. The first day I attended I was hooked, I LOVED IT!!!!

**You look amazing, tell us about your fitness journey.**

After the birth of my son via c-section I gained about 50 pounds. I wasn't happy with myself and new that I needed to make a change not just for myself but for my family too. About 2 months after coming back to FIT4Mom, I decided in June 2013 to join body back and make that commitment to lose the baby weight and get healthy. It wasn't easy but I stuck with it and after the first session I lost 11 pounds and 8 inches. I was totally amazed at what I had accomplished in 8 short weeks. I loved the compliments from my friends and decided to sign up for another session of body back. I lost another 8 pounds and 8 inches. I was starting to see and feel all my handwork and it felt amazing. In conjunction with body back I started training for a half marathon, which was in November 2013. This was my first half marathon since the birth of my son. I completed this race with two amazing FIT4Mom friends. We trained every Sunday for about 12 weeks. I guess you can say your a runner when you wake up at 5am to go for a run in the freezing cold. My husband said “you must be crazy.” This was my 5th half marathon, I was so happy to be able to run without stopping and cross that finish line its the best feeling in the world. In January 2014 I signed up for my 3rd body back session because this momma wasn't done getting that body back. All 3 sessions combined along with doing FIT4Mom and running I've lost 55 pounds, 20.5 inches and my mile time went from 9:01 to 6:09. I feel like a new person, Im not that same girl who did that first body back session. I am much healthier and happier then I ever thought possible. Im so thankful for FIT4Mom and body back, I’ve gotten my life back and made some lifelong friendships along the way:)

**What motivated you to make a change?**

I saw a picture of myself after the birth of my son and couldn't believe that that was me. I new then that I needed to make a change to be a good example for my kids and family.

**Here is the question our moms are dying to know the answer to: What are you doing to get/stay so healthy!? We want the nitty gritty!**

I currently just finished my 3rd body back session. Im still doing FIT4Mom and currently training for two half marathons on in May 2014 and another in June 2014. Trying to take what Ive learned from my journey and make healthy food choices. Its not a diet its a lifestyle change.

**It can be SO HARD to find “me” time when you are taking care of your family, how were you able to make these healthy changes and stick to them while still doing all of you other day to day duties?**

I make it a daily routine to get my exercise in by going to Fit4Mom or a run with my son in the stroller while my daughter is at preschool. I try to squeeze in a longer run on the weekends when my husband can watch the kids. You just have to make it a priority to exercise everyday. I am a better wife and mommy when I am happy with myself.

**How do feel now? How has this changed your life?**

It feels amazing to see myself transform into this new person. Im excited to see what this new chapter in my life will bring.

**What are you most proud of?**

I tried on a pair of my what I called skinny jeans and to my surprise they were too big. That was a pretty happy moment for me. Momma needed some new pants. I think that mile time of 6 minutes 9 seconds takes the cake. I was sick too and it was freezing about 43 degrees thats cold for a SoCal girl haha I never was a runner and to accomplish a 6 min mile was amazing to me. Also the compliments from friends and family who have encouraged and helped me along this journey will always hold a special place in my heart.

**What advice do you have for other moms who want to get healthy?**

Find something that you love and stick with it. Never say you can’t do something, get rid of that negative self talk. The first step is taking that first step and believing in yourself that you can accomplish anything that you set your mind to. Make small changes like eating whole grains verses non, drinking an extra glass of water each day. Try a new vegetable or fruit each week. I’m a big fan of Kale now and I never thought I would say that. Take each day one day at a time and always believe that dreams are possible with a little hard work and dedication.

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