Motivating Mom Hilary

Motivating Mom: Superstar Mama Hilary

There is nothing I like better than a Motivating Mom Monday. It is so fun to learn more about the amazing moms that make up our FIT4MOM community. Whether the Motivating Mom is a client, an instructor, a franchise owner or a corporate employee; we are always so inspired. Today's Motivating Mom happens to be all of the above. Literally. She started as a client, soon became an instructor, now owns a franchise, works for corporate FIT4MOM and is a Master Instructor. And I thought I was busy. This babe does it all with a smile and a warm heart and we are so happy to have her! Meet Hilary...

**Tell us about yourself**

Hi, I’m Hilary, and I’m a FIT4MOM lifer! I’ll be turning 37 in March and am Mom to Hudson (7), Charlotte aka Charlie (5), and Stepmom to Alexis (12). I’m a SAHM and the owner of FIT4MOM Bothell/Kirkland, WA. I currently teach 4 Body Back classes per week and have a team of rockstar Instructors that teach the remaining 16 classes per week of Stroller Strides, Stroller Barre, Fit4Baby, Body Back, or Body Back Boost that our location offers. I also work for FIT4MOM corporate as part of the Franchise Support Team and as a Master Trainer.

**How did you find FIT4MOM?**

I found FIT4MOM through a friend. I was active before becoming a mom and working out for me had always been my stress release. I was working for my parent’s printing business from home, with a newborn, and going a bit coo coo learning to juggle it all. I called my friend to tell her I needed to start working out and she suggested Stroller Strides. Hudson was 6 months old when we went to our first class and I was immediately hooked and never looked back. I cancelled my gym membership and within my first year as a client went to training in San Diego to become an instructor.

**Why did you decide to open a FIT4MOM location or decide to teach classes?**

Coming from a place where I was a client who attended Stroller Strides, I understood its importance, not just as a great workout. After the birth of Hudson, I suffered from mild post partum depression. So mild that working out alone was enough to be just what I needed to feel like ME again. I met my village, women I am still raising my kids with today. My new normal become just that, normal! This was something that I wanted to give back to other moms in my community. When the time was right to go from being an instructor to a franchisee, I jumped on it. The power of what FIT4MOM truly is and what it stands for is so incredible. Being able to give that back to moms is an amazing feeling.

**What is a typical day in the life of a FIT4MOM franchise owner?**

Oh geez…crazy, if I’m being honest! What mom’s life isn’t crazy?! Add working from home with your kids in tow to the mix and it’s a nonstop struggle of finding balance in day to day life. I have the best support system between my husband, family, and friends, otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do. Some days start at 5AM to teach a Body Back class, head home to make breakfast, pack lunches, and get the kids off to school, teach another Body Back class at 9:30AM, work franchise support hours or work on my own business, get the kids from school, homework, dinner, bath, hopefully clean something and or fold laundry, and if I’m lucky, get my own workout in before collapsing on the couch to go brain dead and play Candy Crush on my phone or watch a show with the hubs.

**Best part about your job?**

I’m pretty lucky in that I get the point of view from both sides, franchisee and corporate. As a franchisee, I’d have to say helping moms realize their potential when it comes to fitness, when one of the kids in class calls me Her-rah-ree, Hi-ray, or Hi-ree for the first time, snuggling babies, watching Moms build their village and form lifelong friendships, hearing stories of little ones playing “Stroller Strides” at home…really, the list could go on for pages. From the perspective of being on the Franchise Support Team, I’d say being able to help other franchisees along their own journey with FIT4MOM and connecting with them over the phone. And hands down, as a Master Trainer, I’d say being able to train future instructors to relay the FIT4MOM message and spread the love. Just writing these out gives me goose bumps. I’m blessed to have found my passion in life early on!

**How has FIT4MOM changed your life?**

As cliché as this sounds, I feel like I have found my purpose in life with FIT4MOM. I would be a completely different mom without having attended classes myself. I mentioned that I had mild post partum depression with Hudson and Stroller Strides was what helped me to be happy again. With Charlie however, I wasn’t so lucky and had a more moderate case of PPD. I did everything that I knew should work to pull me out of my funk after she was born. I worked out and ran. When that didn’t work, I talked to a therapist and confided in my village of Stroller Strides friends. Charlie was 18 months old before I finally realized that this wasn’t something that I couldn’t control, that something chemically was just not clicking, and I finally went to my doctor to get the help I needed through an anti-depressant. Coming from this place, I feel like I can relate to my clients on an issue that for some reason we feel like we can’t talk about. FIT4MOM has given me the opportunity to connect with Moms on a deeper level.

**Any advice for moms out there?**

Give yourself some grace. Being a mom is a hard job and truthfully, there will be days that you aren’t very good at your job. Each day you get the chance to press reset and try again, kids are pretty awesome that way when it comes to forgiveness. Remember to take time for YOU. You can’t be everything you need to be for the people around you without taking care of yourself. Tell your kids you love them often and hug and kiss them as much as you can. Slow down and enjoy the moment so you can create memories that will last. Find a village, whether it be through FIT4MOM or not, you can’t do this alone! And lastly, if you think you are suffering from Post Partum Depression, don’t wait to do something about it. You deserve to be happy, you deserve to feel good, you deserve to be the best version of you possible.

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Hilary and her family

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