Motivating Mom: Meet Rebecca!

Meet Rebecca. She is our very 1st Mom that we are featuring in our "Motivating Moms" post series. Rebecca has come so far and we are SO PROUD of her. She is very honest and open about her journey, and she does not call this her before and after photo, because she says she wants to lose another 19lbs. Thank you for sharing Rebecca! We know you are motivating other moms out there to get healthy! Read on...

My name is Rebecca, I am 31 years old and a mom to a 12 year old boy Tyler and a 6 year old girl Avery, oh and 3 furry four legged dogs too. I work outside the home as a full time revenue manager at the LEGOLAND hotel and I also own a photography business. Yes I work at least 50 hours a week and still take care of my kids when I get home from ‘work’ and enter mommy mode. Some may ask how in the world I have found time to lose the weight; well it’s possible if you want to make it work.

In August 2012 I had a very big health scare. There was a lump in my breast and I had many doctor appointments after doctor appointments to rule out that it was breast cancer. Thank God I was clear of cancer as that is a worry because my aunt passed away from breast cancer. All the while I went to the doctor and never once did any doctor tell me I was obese and really needed to lose weight. I look back now and I am amazed that I personally never saw myself as huge as I was. I looked in the mirror every day but never saw the 251 pound woman that everyone else saw. I feel this day in age the doctors needed to tell me for my health’s sake that I needed to get fit but I never once heard those words. It wasn’t until reality hit me at the end of 2012 that I knew I weighed quite a bit and should try to lose weight. In the past my “trying” was cutting out dr. pepper for a week or two and maybe not having Starbucks everyday and then I would give up and resort back to my natural ways. Obviously being 5’8 and 251 pounds this wasn’t working for me.

I knew Farel, a trainer at FIT4MOM that gave me the opportunity of my life and probably to save my life. I began Body Back classes January 08, 2013 just 2 days a week and that got me set in the right direction. I was feeling better but not quite knocking off all the pounds I wanted to. About 6 weeks into the Body Back class I finally committed to eating healthy also, wow what a difference I started seeing. So all the weight didn’t come off at once of course and I knew I needed to do something else. Lisa approached me with another once in a lifetime chance and that was to become a MOM on a MISSION. I would be able to show other moms this journey that I was on to lose weight and also have a healthier life for my kids. I just had to follow Lisa’s food and workout plan. I decided I was ready to commit fully.

I began to workout 5-6 days a week, eat lots of vegetables and protein and have balanced meals. My new favorite item has become quinoa, if you have never tried it go out and buy some and make it. My other new favorite thing is a green smoothie for breakfast…..yum! As I started to workout AND eat right holy moly did I start seeing a difference. A little over nine months later I am currently 186 pounds and working towards being at my healthy height weight of 167 pounds. I have marked items off my bucket list that I never thought I really would or could. I ran my first ½ marathon and currently have two future ones I am signed up for to do. I can call myself a runner now as I LOVE to run and I look forward to working out. It took about 6 weeks for that switch to turn in my head that working out was miserable to oh my working out feels great, mentally and physically.

Time is always the hardest thing for people to find in order to workout. I was not and never was a morning person. It’s amazing how your body acclimates to early mornings after you do it for awhile. I usually work out about 5:30 AM for at least an hour to an hour and a half. I’m going to be honest, there are some (if not most) mornings I get up and think UGH, I am so tired, I would rather go back to bed, yet I still go work out and I never come home thinking I shouldn’t have gone. I feel so much better after I work out and I don’t feel that I am losing time with my children because they are still in bed fast asleep.

I feel so much better now that I have lost 65 pounds. I am a better mother to my children. I feel that I am more patient and just happier throughout the day. Mentally and physically the weight loss has changed my life.

My best advice for anyone out there who may struggle with their weight. Don’t give up. I gave up so many times in the past but for once in my life I stuck with workouts and clean eating and what a difference this has made in my life. I will never be that fat girl again and I will forever love running now!

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