Motivating Mom: Beautiful Mother of 2 Jackie!

Happy Monday Moms!! I am so excited to introduce you all to our Motivating Mom Jackie! I came across Jackie from her photos she was submitting on Instagram for our FIT4MOM FIT4FALL Challenge, and I was instantly inspired by her! She just has a glow about her that radiates positivity. Read on about how she looks so awesome after baby #2 and what advice she has for other busy moms!!

*Tell us a bit about yourself*

I am a 32 year old mother of 2 beautiful boys, a 4-year old and a 4-month old. I am a part-time Speech-Language Pathologist who works both at home and outside of the home. I found out about FIT4MOM of Fredericksburg when I met the owner Alison Neal at a local Woman’s Expo in August 2012. I had just moved from FL to VA and was mainly looking to meet some new people and get into an exercise routine.

*You look amazing, how much weight did you lose and how long has it taken you?*

I lost 21 lbs in 3 months.

*When were these photos taken?*

The first photo was taken 4 weeks postpartum (7/13/2013), the second photo was taken 10 weeks postpartum (8/20/2013), and the last photo was taken 18 weeks postpartum (10/18/2013).

*What was your motivation?*

I had a difficult time losing the baby weight with my first child. After 3 months of having my first son, people still kept asking me if I was pregnant. It was embarrassing. I didn’t want to go through that again.

*Here is the question our moms are dying to know the answer to: What did you do to lose 21 lbs!?? What program did you follow (body back, stroller strides, etc).We want the nitty gritty!*

I started Stroller Strides in September 2012 and found out I was pregnant at the end of October. I continued Stroller Strides throughout my pregnancy until I gave birth at 39 weeks (yes, I was side-planking at 37 weeks!). I definitely think staying fit throughout my pregnancy helped me bounce back quicker. After I was cleared from my doctor at my 6-week check-up, I returned to Stroller Strides, 2-3 days a week. To stay motivated, I signed up for my first 5k and began a program consisting of 30-40 minutes of cardio 3 times a week. I also stopped “eating for 2”. I started making healthier food choices while watching my calorie intake however making sure to maintain enough calories to breastfeed my newborn. I have recently added in some hot yoga and power yoga into the mix whenever I can squeeze in some extra strengthening and flexibility training.

*It can be SO HARD to find “me” time when you are taking care of your family, how were you able to make these healthy changes and stick to them while still doing all of you other day to day duties?*

That is what is so great about Stroller Strides. I was able to bring my boys with me to work out and the other moms there helped me stay motivated. If I wanted to get in a quick walk/jog, my boys would just come along with me in the double jogging stroller. My exercising didn’t take a lot of time away from my kids because we were spending the time together. Once my workout schedule was in place, I was able to stay on track.

*How do you feel now? How has this changed your life?*

I feel fantastic, healthy, and strong. I don’t think I’ve felt this fit since before college. FIT4MOM has definitely helped me stay motivated. My weight use to fluctuate from year to year because I could never keep a diet regime nor find the motivation to exercise. FIT4MOM has changed my life because I found a wonderful group of moms who are compassionate and supportive not just in my fitness goals, but also in my family life and overall well-being.

*What advice do you have for other moms who want to get healthy?*

Don’t make excuses, make goals. Find what motivates you, and stick to it. Once you start seeing results, you will wonder why it took you so long to make the change.

*Thank you Jackie!! You look fabulous and we are so happy to have you as a part of our FIT4MOM community!*

**If you would like to be share your story as a Motivating Mom, please email Hillary@fit4mom.com**

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