Moms Should Stop Multitasking!

If there were an award for multitasking, moms would win for sure! We text and walk, diaper and talk, email and pay bills and the list goes on. However, we should stop glorifying multitasking as we now know that it's the most inefficient way to work. Speak to most moms and they talk of living in chaos throughout the day. Well, maybe it's time that we learn to work smarter and not harder as a mom.

Studies have shown that multitasking yields about the same result as someone who is smoking pot! It is proven science that moving back and forth between tasks is inefficient. You never get "in the zone" for any activity. And contrary to what you might believe, all this multitasking is not saving you time!

So what's the secret? It's called batching. Would you ever bake a single cupcake? No, you bake a batch. Well let's batch your similar work. Pay your bills all at one time. Do all of your email at one time. Spend time with your kids in purposeful blocks. By getting a chance to focus, you will become more efficient, more effective and will make less mistakes. Most importantly, you will feel that sense of chaos lift. Stop thinking you are good at it. You're not. No one is. Being on your phone while on a date with your hubby is not serving you. So, plan your day in blocks with a plan of what you are going to get done and when. Be flexible and have a sense of humor as this won't work perfectly right away. But I can pretty much promise you life changing results if you batch your day and focus truly on one thing at a time!

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