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Moms Get Inspired

I’m often asked about how I keep the motivation to juggle my business, family and various projects. The answer lies in inspiration. You see, it was my son and the desire to work from home that inspired me to start my business. But it is my quest to stay inspired that keeps me on track. I think people often feel unmotivated and then get down on themselves for lacking the drive to accomplish their dreams. In all honesty, so would I if I were not inspired. For me, it doesn’t come from within. It is a purposeful quest that keeps me driven. There’s no magic secret and it doesn’t take much beyond a commitment to keep getting re-energized.

READ – Give me a good book about an entrepreneur who overcame obstacles, an athlete who conquered a fear or a touching story that puts life in to perspective. I find that all of these things keep me motivated. I seek out books that pump me up and give me the power to take on the world. Some of my favorites are:

- Raising The Bar – by Gary Erickson

- Miracles Happen – By Mary Kay Ash

- The Janitor – by Todd Hopkins

- The Ultimate Gift – by Jim Stovall

SURROUND YOURSELF – I believe greatly in the power of surrounding yourself with inspiration. Around my office are wall hangings of quotes like “What would you do if you knew you could not fail?” and “Live with Passion”. When I read something that inspires me, I keep it in front of me. Inside my bathroom mirror is a poem that reminds me to slow down and appreciate life. In my organizer, I have a post-it note that goes from day to day with words that motivate me for my business. I know it may seem a bit corny but I believe that when your environment spells success, it helps you on that same journey.

WATCH – Have you ever gotten one of those chain emails with the beautiful pictures and inspiring words? Most of us just delete them as we are all rushing so fast through this world. I not only don’t delete them but I make a point of watching things like this regularly. Check out this great site called On it, you can watch free movies that will touch your heart and inspire your soul. I make a date with a co-worker of mine to start our week by watching one of those each week. Check out my favorite, 360 degrees! It will make all the difference.

FLY WITH THE EAGLES – Someone once told me that the world was made up of two kinds of people – People who are like eagles that soar above their problems and people who are like ducks that quack, quack, quack about everything that goes wrong. To be successful, you need to be an eagle. In the animal kingdom, eagles may fly solo, but I suggest you flock with other eagles. You will learn so much and gain so many ideas when you are around other driven and inspiring people. Join some networking groups or form your own relationships with people who inspire you. Try to keep away from the ducks as it’s hard not to quack along with them.

I share this all with you because I feel blessed to live the life I live and am always excited about the future. I want you all to know that anything is possible and that your attitude will carry you on a long journey. When you live an inspired life, it is never boring and you never feel trapped in a day to day routine. In my next article, you will learn how being inspired will lead you to inspire.

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