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Mommy Adventure

As a busy mom and full time entrepreneur, I often feel caught up in the beautiful chaos of family and wind up spending weekends running errands and toting children from one sport event to another. Spontaneity is not something that comes easily to me but I'm hyper aware that I need more of it in my life. I believe that life is an adventure but I have to work hard to create it. So that's what I have done. I created Mommy Adventure days with my kids. They know that these days are completely unplanned, totally spontaneous and can land us anywhere. I unplug from my text, social media and the such and focus on nothing but fun. Ok, I sometimes use my phone to see what's going on in town. I drive and try to take my kids to places they have never been. We become tourists in our own town. While my kids are hoping for amusement parks or video games, I do my best to bring them to nature or unique places in our city. We have gone to the tide pools to look for starfish and climbed highest peaks in our city. We have found seals at a special beach and traveled down a dark cave (safe of course) that leads to the ocean. I may pull off to ride a single roller coaster. My kids have put down their phones and even created a mommy adventure theme song.

Here are my 5 tips to creating a Mommy Adventure!

1) Unplug!

No ipads. No phones. No dvd players in the car for goodness sake. The idea of the day is to be fully present. How many times a day are you looking at your phone while you answer your children? This is 100% family time. Our children are being brought up on technology. Fight it as we might, mobile technology will be totally infused in to their lives. However, this is an opportunity to show a time and a place for everything. It is my hope that they feel the difference when unplugged. They will appreciate the connection

with you and each other!

2) Don't have a plan.

I mean it. Do not have a plan. Just a direction. I choose to drive north, south, east or west and then find the fun along the way. I often adjust my destination by the vibe my kids give me about being in the car. Part of them fun for them is the sheer randomness of the day.

3) Go somewhere new or unexpected.

Make the day memorable by exploring a new trail, checking out a new museum or riding a roller coaster that you never have before. Check out tourist sites in your town that you haven’t visited. Go off the beaten path. Go have a picnic. Go on a pony ride.

4) Bring a camera.

I take pictures of the kids at each stop. Have them get in goofy poses. My kids will show what number stop this is with their fingers. Make a scrapbook of your adventures.

5) Throw out the time.

Do this on a day when you have no timeline and nothing to get back to. Stay as long as feels right. We have often spent no more than 5 minutes at a stop and then hours at another. There is no right or wrong day to do it but we often go to 5 places in a single day!

6) Feed your family! Admittedly, food is part of our fun. Go somewhere new for lunch and surprise your kids with an unexpected stop for a cupcake or ice cream at the end of the day.

7) Be prepared!

Since you don’t know where you are going, be prepared for anything. My kids look for clues as I pack everything from towels to jackets, picnic blankets to sneakers. More than anything, I just want us to be prepared for fun!

Admittedly, this isn’t something we do often. But a handful of times a year are enough to make it a special mommy tradition. I hope that they remember it forever. I know I will!

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