Meet the 2014 FIT4MOM Award Winners!

We are proud of all our franchisees and instructors who are helping moms everywhere find “Strength for Motherhood.” Every year, we honor a few of these incredible moms who are making strides in fitness, motherhood and life at our annual FIT4MOM Conference. These moms are empowering our village by nurturing a network of support and motivating transformation in their communities.

Check out the videos below to see the finalists and winners for our FIT4MOM Awards and be sure to congratulate them in the comments!

FIT4MOM Franchisee of the Year Award - Winners: Dina Conover & Jackie Dorris

FIT4MOM Instructor of the Year - Winners: Katherine Thuma & Jennifer Lungren

FIT4MOM Moms Club of Year - Winner: Codi Howell

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